About Us


A 5000 year old rich culinary history combined with age old tradition and culture. The great Indian cuisine has travelled all over the world in various forms. Indian Express in Nottingham has produced a reformed and versatile reincarnation of this great Cuisine.  Inspired by the best Indian Dishes from around the World are made even better when fused with our verve! Developed over time and cooked from scratch with lots of love, our delicious take on timeless classics deliver meals that you know and cherish with lashings of flavour.

At Indian Express we thrive to create a unique Indian delivery experience, authentic and flavourful Indian cuisine with a contemporary twist.  We focus on rapid response times, first class food and service as we believe everyone should have the pleasure of eating restaurant quality food in the comfort of their own home.

Beautifully presented food full of aromas are delivered with each dish that we prepare.  Our masalas and spices are freshly prepared every day and our dishes cater for a range of taste buds. Our delectable cuisine makes use of the freshest ingredients and finest spices all freshly prepared in house everyday to provide you with a culinary experience that you won’t forget.

We are a team of highly dedicated and professional staff with years of experience and a can do attitude, we constantly achieve and exceed customers’ expectations. Using highest quality products whether it is food or packaging, providing outstanding customer service, employing the best indian chefs in the country, delivering your food piping hot as fast as possible. These are some of the reasons our customers love us and we have picked up the name The Curry Delivery Experts!




1- Click on menu or Order Now.

2- Place your order by clicking on the different categories (i.e. pizzas - Starters- Burgers etc.)

3- Click on (Checkout Button) .

4- If you are a new customer click on ( new customer ), then type in your details and click submit.

5- If you are an existing customer type your email address - and your password then click on - sign in .

6- Choose your payment method (Cash or Online).

7- Choose the time you want for your order, please allow 45 minutes for Delivery orders and 20 minutes for collection orders.

8- Fill in the rest of the details (for new customers only).

9- Click on (continue) .

10- You have to click on ( I agree ) to term and condition to submit your order.

11- Once your order has been submitted you will be taken to a confirmation page, as well as receiving a confirmation email.